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Business Intelligence is Your Lab’s Future

Today, most laboratories are dealing with huge amount of data which is often seen more as a burden requiring storage and protection than a resource to tap for better decision-making. Most laboratories have large pools of overlooked data which could provide actionable insights to help achieve performance goals.

As a LIMS company, our interactions with these laboratories tends to focus on sample testing. This typically involves the infrastructure needed to manage the related instrumentation, workflows, samples, supplies and data. The data matters, because virtually every lab we work with has key performance indicators (KPIs) related to sample testing. With analytics, these KPIs can be used to help improve the operational efficiency and reduce the costs labs experience.

The ability of your laboratory to effectively utilize lab data analytics will become increasingly important with time. Why? Because labs that master their data will be more likely to thrive and succeed in five ways:

  • Analytics boost the innovation lifecycle. Insights driven by internal lab data, corroborated with external data, add value to R&D process.
  • Lab data analytics help you ensure high product standards by improving the quality forecasting of both finished goods and intermediary products.
  • Insights derived from analytics improve the effectiveness of lab networks by enabling better use of human capital (HC) and other resources.
  • Improve enterprise-wide communications, reach critical decisions faster, and produce timely, accurate reports on end products.
  • Ensure product quality standards, optimize the efficiency and throughput of its continuous processes, keep the process parameters within governmental product and safety standards — all while controlling your processes with rigorous testing and real-time monitoring.

LIMS Data Analytics and Visualization

  • Labsols BI tool graphically present data from your LIMS to provide powerful business intelligence for your laboratory and organization.
  • Labsols Business Intelligence will enable you to take your LIMS data to a powerful new level, generating actionable insights even from massive volumes of data. By shining the spotlight on factors that matter most to your business, these tools will help boost the efficacy of your lab’s KPI reporting.
  • You’ll also gain efficient tools for increasing the productivity of lab analysts. In addition, data-driven monitoring will help keep your lab functioning efficiently, while pinpointing the key information you need to make more informed and profitable decisions.
  • Labsols Business Intelligence makes it easy to incorporate powerful analytics tools into a LIMS environment. The platform enables you to take full control of your data by combining data ingestion, pre-processing, storage, analysis, and visualization into a single application. You’ll have the power to harness your LIMS data by leveraging business intelligence and advanced analytics.
Increase visibility and control across your entire lab

Exploratory Visualizations – Different range of Dashboards & KPI

Interactive visualizations are a powerful approach for data exploration. Labsols LBI provides standard and custom visualizations with modern technology visualization tools. A suite of defined dashboards allows the laboratory operations people at different departments to effectively explore the data to uncover key insights.

Manager Dashboard

The Manager Dashboard is a quick overview of all current orders. It also shows detailed comparison with historical data. This particular dashboard help to under order numbers of a particular year, month, week, day and even hour and minutes.

Glimpse of Analytics in Manager Dashboard

  • Analyst Occupancy
  • Sample Turnaround Time
  • Batch Registration Trend
  • % Samples with agreed TAT
  • Popular Sample Type
  • Tests Monthly (which has results)
  • Analysis Summary
  • Sample Submitted

Executive Dashboard

  • What is directly important for the lab business?
  • What is important to keep the lab in good condition?
  • How much do you spend on lab consumables?
  • How much revenue lab will generate on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis?

The Executive Dashboard help you track the above elements in real-time. You will measure how you’re doing in terms of processes, inventory, and environment. It is a very important part of the digital strategy.

Glimpse of Analytics in Executive Dashboard

  • Job Turnaround Time (in Days)
  • Work in Progress
  • Reporting Accuracy
  • Sales Overview
  • Revenue Share by Project Type
  • Revenue Month wise
  • Number of Tests (Yearly Comparison)

Customer Dashboard

The key to earning repeat business is by providing great customer service, superior quality, and creating a unique customer experience. To gauge your performance as a laboratory and a business, you need to elicit analytics from your customers. Customer Dashboard is the true measure of performance for how your business serves its clients.

Glimpse of Analytics in Customer Dashboard

  • Sample Submitted
  • In Progress Jobs Status
  • Analysis Cost – Monthly
  • % Jobs with Agreed Turnaround Times
  • Samples Submitted (Yearly)
  • Job Turnaround Time (in Days)
  • Popular Project

Job Dashboard

  • Optimization of laboratory performance

Having Job Dashboard in place opens a whole new opportunity to optimize the performance of your lab. When allocating tasks or jobs to lab managers in single or multiple sites of your lab you first need to determine what is important for the performance of the department. By having this KPI in check you will ensure that you produce data of high quality and that you keep your jobs under control. You will be able to identify the bottlenecks and poor performing parts of your lab to act upon it.

Glimpse of Analytics in Job Dashboard

  • Job Turnaround Time (in Days)
  • Job Received by Month
  • Job Count by Status
  • Top 5 Clients by Job Count
  • Invoicing % against Jobs
  • Job Categories by Count
  • Job Comparison (Yearly)
  • Job Count by Lab Sites

Sales Dashboard

  • Is your laboratory business growing steadily?
  • Are you on track regarding the lab sales targets?
  • Which lab testing service brings you the best results?
  • Is your conversion ratio stable?
  • How many customers do you lose?

In this overview, Labsols Sales KPI enables you to manage your sales more effectively and optimize as well as analyze laboratory sales process in detail. In order to make a complete picture of your sales development and data, we have created a powerful sales dashboard that will centralize your KPIs in an interactive form and enable you to dig even deeper. That way, you will be able to control your sales activities, identify potential bottlenecks, and optimize your sales BI processes more effectively.

Glimpse of Analytics in Sales Dashboard

  • Sales by Region
  • Sales Trend
  • Sales by Job Popularity
  • Sales Quick Overview
  • Sales Comparison (Yearly)
  • Sales Growth & Worth
  • Top 5 Customers by Sales
  • Top 10 Lab Orders by Sales
  • Sales Conversion Funnel
  • Sales Order details
  • Lab Achievement Vs Target by Sales

Financial Dashboard

  • How to manage laboratory financing?
  • How to manage laboratory budgeting?
  • How to manage laboratory cash flow?
  • How to optimize laboratory operating expenses?
  • Are you processing your invoices productively?

Lab Financial Dashboard is a measurable value that indicates how well a laboratory business is doing regarding generating revenue and profits. Monitoring KPIs shows whether a business is achieving its long-term goals. With our financial business intelligence, you have the opportunity to make your financial data and insights better, more informative, and easier to manage.

Glimpse of Analytics in Financial Dashboard

  • Invoices- Quick Summary
  • Invoices- Past Due
  • Profit Margin – Net/Operating/Gross
  • Recent Invoice Payments
  • Top Paid Customers
  • Invoices Yearly Comparison
  • Invoices-Payment Status
  • Day Payable Outstanding

Inventory Dashboard

  • Managing inventory in the lab can be a big task

Although it can be easily forgotten about, it remains one of the single most effective ways to reduce costs and improve productivity.

No matter the size of your lab, controlling inventory is one of the most important things you can do to make everything run smoothly. Monitoring consumable supplies, reagents, lab equipment, and instruments can be a big task. But doing so efficiently will increase productivity and reduce costs. To help, the Labsols teams have put together this handy KPI to lab inventory management.

Glimpse of Analytics in Inventory Dashboard

  • Inventory Size by Lab Consumables
  • Lab Consumables - Wasted
  • Current Availability (All)
  • Calibration Reminder
  • Lab Consumables - Reserve
  • Cost of Wasted Consumables
  • Current Usage Count

Productivity Dashboard

  • Capturing Productivity in the Laboratory

Over the past few years, nearly every laboratory manager has been faced with the seemingly contradictory demands from management to shrink budgets and from clients to increase services. Is it possible for a lab manager to resolve this contradiction to meet both performance expectations? The solution may be the same one that has driven economic expansion for years–increase productivity.

All laboratory directors must manage a wide range of metrics to account for resource time spent working in the lab on different elements. This will put you ahead of your competitors. Gaining a better analysis with graphs will enable greater productivity and more effective conversations with decision makers.

Glimpse of Analytics in Productivity Dashboard

  • Lab Productivity Results
  • Lab Productivity – Quarterly
  • Lab Productivity – Average TAT
  • Lab Productivity – Test Turnaround
  • Lab Productivity – Average Waiting Time

Customer Service Dashboard

  • Customer satisfaction is everything. Measuring customer satisfaction is hard.

If you're not measuring your lab customer service, how will you judge the success of your actions? If you're serious about improving customer service, you need to track your CS KPI.

Labsols customer service KPI is a performance measurement that is used by lab customer service teams and by the lab customer support management to monitor, visualize, analyze and optimize customer relations by taking advantage of an advanced 360-degree customer view.

Glimpse of Analytics in Customer Service Dashboard

  • Customer Satisfaction Index
  • Customer Retention %
  • Customer Request Volume Vs Service Level
  • Revenue Vs % of Support Cost
  • Cost per Customer Support
  • On-time Report Delivery
  • Average Issue Solving Time
  • Customer Request Vs Service Cost

Utilization Dashboard

  • Improving Laboratory Utilization Is a Top Priority for Lab Directors

This dashboard make sure laboratory professionals, and administrators work together to ensure that laboratory tests and results provide real lab benefit to customers while ensuring that laboratory testing is both cost-effective and appropriately used. In short, it’s confirming the right test, at the right time, for the right customer, and at the right cost.

The goal of Utilization Dashboard is to maintain or improve the quality of care without increasing the cost of laboratory testing.

Glimpse of Analytics in Utilization Dashboard

  • Lab Utilization by Sites
  • Lab Utilization by Categories
  • Lab Utilization Vs Target
  • Lab Utilization – Current Usage
  • Lab Utilization by Sample Types
  • Lab Resource Utilization by Job Count

Enriched to support daily operations and statistical purposes and displayed with dynamic and visual end-user interfaces.


Labsols LBI is an LIMS add-on with advanced and dynamic data analytic capabilities. It provides user-friendly tools for handling large and dispersed laboratory data, including: .

  • Visual indicators and statistics
  • Easy drilling into details
  • Dynamic navigation to any direction within the data
  • Revealing and visualizing relations between data
  • Possibility to combine data from other sources


To run laboratory operations efficiently, laboratory management should know how operational costs are divided and how the income is structured. With Laboratory Intelligence solutions, you can get valuable insight into the laboratory operation statistics and trends from any perspective. Turnaround times, bottlenecks and KPIs are dynamically calculated, and you can share your analytics with colleagues online, resulting in a more effective, more competitive laboratory.


Laboratory Business Intelligence helps to detect silent or hidden information or non-plausible results from vast amounts of research data, thus avoiding biases in information handling. Laboratory Intelligence offers a visual, interactive and associative way to handle and analyze masses of information.


When a new LIMS is taken into use, a need often emerges to create trends and statistics from the previously collected data that still remains in the old system. Or, sometimes data needs to be combined from multiple systems. Lab Business Intelligence provides solutions for utilizing scattered data in multiple systems, whether old or new, so that data can be analyzed most efficiently


Data analytics and reporting has previously been very IT or developer driven. Ad-hoc data search, change of time scales, perspectives and granularities of the data should be on the fingertips of laboratory users. Lab Business Intelligence solutions are aimed for the end users, who benefit from the data most, removing the total reliance on IT personnel in data analytics.


Keeping Pace with Innovation

Labsols Business Intelligence solution allows you to view and analyze all the lab data stored in your LIMS solution so you can make critical business decisions. Quickly answer questions for root cause analysis, identify bottlenecks causing performance issues and opportunities for improvement, and help build a business case for new resources. Colorful visualizations help lab managers proactively act on facts, apply remediation plans, and see the results of their actions, resulting in a more efficient organization.

  • KPI Dashboards - The dashboards used to drive many of the processes within Labsols contain appropriate graphical and tabular representations of the process being performed. The Key Performance Indicator dashboard contains measures to aid with the efficient operation of the laboratory.
  • Powerful Graphs - Displayed in the form of simple to interpret graphs, charts and diagrams, these tools allow key LIMS information to be represented in way that facilitates the decision-making process.
  • Full control of your data - Enables you to take full control of your data by combining data ingestion, pre-processing, storage, analysis, and visualization into a single application.
  • Predict what’s next - Make better decisions with our predictive analytics. Map out processes, identify bottlenecks, and improve overall efficiency with all the data available.
  • Quickly answer questions - Don’t wait for others to build or run reports for you. Drill down into lab data on your own to get to the root of issues quickly with powerful visual dashboards.
  • Tailored for the Lab - Get your own dashboards and visualizations based on the information you need. Easy-to-use tools make it easy to create a report based on your desired parameters.