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Power of Barcodes for Laboratories

Connecting – Lab, Customer & Management Through smart phones and tablets! From anywhere, anytime!

The label is the most important part of the sample tracking process in laboratories.

Labels determine the efficiency and accuracy of a tracking system and, in turn, are critical to the success of the sample tracking process implemented in a lab. A single unidentified sample, or a missing tube, especially the rare samples that are available in limited quantities can result in exponential costs to a lab.

Handwritten laboratory labels usually consume a great deal of time because of the meticulous labeling of samples that is required. Sample identification errors creep in due to low-grade labels and marker pens, illegible handwriting, labeling mistakes, or labels becoming exposed to water or chemicals in the freezers.

Barcode labels provide a quick and efficient method to identify sample tubes in no time. By using a simple barcode hand-held scanner, information about a specific sample or a tube can be rapidly retrieved.


Still thinking why you need this? One platform, may advantages.

  • Connecting Lab - This allows Lab Manager or Lab customers or the Key decision makers to connect with the Lab on the go in today’s world of mobility.
  • Customer Access – Allow your customer to register sample, view status, download reports, see invoices, get alerts and notifications, etc from anywhere in real time.
  • Increase your Sales & Brand Image – It will also increase your sales and it will add instant revenue. You and your clients can use it as a powerful brand management & marketing tool to build brand value and reach out to billions of mobile customers round the globe.
  • Excellent Add-on for your Lab services – It will be a fantastic add-on for your lab services. It will map and reflect your modules and features for your customers in a more easier, convenient, faster and smarter way stepping in today’s world of mobility.
  • Advance Lab process & Decision Making - Empower top management easily view key performance indicators so they can make decisions and take action quickly.
  • On-Demand Modification – Can’t find what you need? Let us development one for you as per your lab process.

With Labsols BPM you can put barcodes to work for you!

Labsol’s Barcode Printing Management Tool (BPM) and describes the design decisions, architectural design and the detailed design needed to integrate and implement the tool. It provides the acquirer visibility into the design and provides information needed for application support.

Labsols LIMS modules have the provision/feasibility to connect to a bar-coding labels generator providing a quick and easy method to identify your tubes, samples, documents, etc. Just print it on labels to stick on boxes, tubes, documents, etc. A barcode series editor also allows several labels to be printed at once on a label printer. You can print internal series or custom barcode number series.

Processing specimens is an essential part of making a critical diagnosis. Poor laboratory inventory management can lead to mistakes that create the need for samples to be retaken and reevaluated, wasting time the patient may not have. Labsol’s Barcode Printing Management Tool (BPM) option with laboratory printers, specimen labels and barcode scanners optimize laboratory management by improving specimen identification and tracking from collection to testing.


Still thinking why you need this? One platform, may advantages.

Labsols helps testing labs with the ability to locate and track samples using system generated custom barcode labels. With the built-in advanced tracking tool, the software products enable you to create labels that meet the most popular compliance standards and labeling requirements in many industries.

Labsols BPM provide the ability to design custom barcode labels that can be printed using an integrated label printer. The generated labels can be used to annotate and identify sample tubes, freezer boxes, research documents, or virtually anything in your lab. Customizing barcode labels with Labsols LIMS not only increases traceability and legibility, but also maintains consistency in sample nomenclature. Barcode labels can be created and saved as templates to save time and generate error-free labeling.

Deliver the Operational Experience That Suits Your Customer and Your Lab

Lots of benefits for Labs with Labsols BPM

  • Reduction of transcription errors. Perhaps the most dramatic consequence of adopting barcodes, eliminating transcription errors can save both time (delayed results or retesting) and money. These types of problems are typically home to large hidden costs and inefficiencies.
  • Quick and easy updates of sample status/location when scanning barcodes to record movement throughout the laboratory. For labs receiving external samples, barcodes can reduce activities around sample receipt and chain of custody tracking to a simple scan
  • Inventory replenishment activities can be performed by scanning bulk packages that have been received as opposed to manually entering item, quantity, and vendor information.
  • Identify items without direct line of site.
  • Automatic sample updates. Automatic updates to sample status and chain of custody records. A scanner placed around a doorway for secure sample storage would allow a LIMS to automatically track which items have been stored or retrieved.
  • Uniquely identify an individual item beyond sample number.
  • Identify many items simultaneously . Batches of samples can be instantly received and recorded by the LIMS with appropriate sample receipt reports printed automatically at the time of scanning.

Secure QR Codes for Laboratory Reports

With the proliferation of laboratories and the liberal use of the franchise model to expand the operations of regional and national chains, the need to verify the authenticity of a lab report has increased. We frequently hear about cases where the collected sample is not sent for actual testing but and instead a false report is generated and money collected from unsuspecting customers. This has serious implications as it can result in improper diagnosis, inadequate or expensive insurance and is a reputation risk for the genuine laboratories.

Labsols helps laboratories to generate and provide QR code on all test reports issued which can be scanned using any QR scanning application available on mobile / any devices to authenticate and reproduce the test report online. This will prevent the manipulation of test results & the usage of fake test reports.

Labsols helps laboratories to ensure that all the requirements of ISO, NABL, etc regulators are met. Authorized test results in a tamper-proof and non-editable test report will build trust in laboratory results.