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Veterinary Labsols LIMS | Scalable Laboratory Software


VET LIMS by Labsols is one of the most intuitive and comprehensive approaches towards solving the problems of the veterinary laboratories.

The veterinary industry continues to evolve, driving new and improved diagnostics and treatment of domestic pets as well as agricultural, poultry, equine and other animals.

Labsols VET LIMS is highly configurable scalable package that provides comprehensive tracking and monitoring of animal/poultry samples from booking-in through testing to diagnostic reporting and sample disposal


LIMS application is designed and developed to support analytical total business process & lab workflow automation and laboratory operational activities by providing complete sample tracking, user certification, full auditing, sample scheduling/management/tracking, testing with test suites and methods, workbooks, quality control, test result printing, report generation, COA, invoicing, document management, KPI, audit trail.

Comprehensive tracking and monitoring of veterinary samples from booking-in through testing to result reporting and sample disposal

  • Diagnostics, Receipt and storage of isolates.
  • Production Initiation.
  • QC testing and product release.
  • Development
  • Sampling to result entry to invoicing and more

Various Reports – We kept reports (including multiple-bespoke pathological reports) very dynamic where user can change it easily as per their needs.

Complete Sample Management – End-to-end sampling process including scheduling and disposal.

Prints Barcode labels which will ease tracking of samples and reduces time required to enter test results.

Comes with Client portal & Mobile Apps for lab’s customer to download reports

Manage Inventory – Manage lab consumables and instruments with calibration reminder.

Powerful Calculation Capabilities – Automated calculations are set for veterinary testing to accelerate workflows and efficiency.

Integrated Audit Trail - Allows lab analyst to track down problems that can arise whenever veterinary testing data is modified intentionally, maliciously or in error.

Quick generation of Diagnostic Certificates in your templates

Billing & Invoicing against completed jobs/orders.

Integration with accounts, instruments and third party software.


The new types of diseases in animals and their transfer to humans via their product consumption and companionship are escalating the animal healthcare market globally. The role of veterinary labs becomes pivotal here. In most cases veterinary labs focus on funds, personnel, equipments, suppliers however some of the issues they should focus on to meet the challenges at the moment as well in the future are:

  • More complex problems of designing and executing appropriate sample collection scheme needs to focus on. Comprehensive out the box veterinary reports need to generate.
  • The guarantee of the quality of analytical data is a basic quality requirement for veterinary certification, it is hence important for the labs to automate operation standards.
  • Veterinary laboratories are facing challenges to produce quick and quality documentation their clients, manual paper documents becomes troublesome in audit trial.
  • Veterinary Lab slowly needs to provide 24 hour emergency services to their clients from anyplace, anytime.


Yes, We have the effective LIMS!

  • 1. End to end Veterinary Management - Labsols VET LIMS simplifies and speeds up the process of booking in and processing submitted animal samples for analysis in a veterinary laboratory.
  • 2. Reduces Tracking time in VET Lab - Features such as rapid barcode scanning, automated invoicing and short code dictionaries (animal species, etc.) reduce the time needed for tracking work in the system.
  • 3. Flexibility to accommodate any future changing requirements – Labsols LIMS can easily be modified as per workflows of the laboratory in future such as changes to workflows or sample testing. This versatility ensures a longer operational life for the system leading to lower cost of ownership and improved return on investment.
  • 4. Audit trails, time and date stamping of all actions, version control of all reference data such as test definitions help compliance with regulatory requirements.


Labsols VET LIMS Integration capability & other add-on tools –

  • LIMS integration with accounts, bar-coding
  • LIMS integration with devices and instruments
  • LIMS integration with CRM and support system
  • LIMS integration with Document Management System
  • Comes with BI (Business Intelligence) & KPI Information from various view.
  • Comes with Customer Mobile Apps – to give flexibility for more information access on demand on the move
  • Comes with Customer Portal – to view/download certificates, see invoices, raise issue log and more
Accelerate innovation, expand lab capacity and speed execution with Labsols AI & ML

To keep up with today’s rapidly expanding market demands, lab managers require a full panoramic view. They need to mine insights from historic data, gaining insights from the past and using those insights to see into the future: identifying possible risks and locking in on new opportunities.

That’s what it means to have a panoramic view: linking the past to the future and lab-specific to enterprise-wide. To acquire such a view, labs must put their LIMS data to work, driving an advanced analytics solution with the capacity to deliver statistical and business analysis on demand.

Here’s where Labsols advanced analytics comes into its own. A lab-specific, LIMS-ready state-of-the-art analytics solution that solves both speed and data volume challenges. It allows lab professionals to obtain a full panoramic view of their lab and their enterprise, helping to identify the next best action by creating meaning from data.

This visibility not only accelerates speed to market — it also significantly reduces costs and assists smart decision-making, both inside the lab and company-wide.

This is the next generation of transformation for the digital lab, and Labsols is ready to help businesses reach the peak of the respective market.

Leveraging Advanced Analytics, Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for your Lab

Labsols team currently improving on smarter data management as part of digital transformation that drives changes in our lab clients handling huge data.

Labsols Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms proving their value in the form of advanced analytics (Lab BI) tool with integration with LIMS.

  • KPI Dashboards - contain appropriate graphical and tabular representations of the process being performed and contain measures to aid with the efficient operation of the laboratory.
  • Predicting Analysis - from predicting analysis to better data aggregation, Labsols BI helps managers draw conclusions.
  • Auto Calculations - They also help make decisions based on insights otherwise requiring tedious calculations.
  • Dynamic Reporting - capabilities enabling the compilation of targeted data sets or the generation of formal reports, our customers have achieved more with their data.

Leveraging Advanced Analytics, Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for your Lab

Transform LIMS Data into Action-Ready Insights

Advanced analytics in the lab is crucial for:

  • A wider scope of research and/or testing. Use advanced analytics to extract historic LIMS data and combine with other relevant data sources, thus creating meaningful, relevant insights.
  • Accelerated speed to market. A lab-specific analytics solution eradicates conventional barriers to LIMS data, expediting research and facilitating streamlined testing.
  • A lab with increased profitability. By teaching the advanced analytics solution to recognize under-developed opportunities and flag risks, labs can hone and accelerate their workflow.

These Data Science driven approaches are now being embedded into Labsols for utilization by any of our customers. Through partnerships with our customers, the power of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science can be brought to bear on their specific datasets, offering a competitive advantage through Labsols’s ongoing drive to ensure our customers get the most from their data..

The Digital Lab is here with Machine Learning

Labsols Informatics provides machine learning algorithms with the high-quality data needed to drive meaningful insight. Labsols LIMS utilize an application programming interface (API) to communicate between various software systems, including the communication between LIMS and data lakes.

The data that was directly captured by the LIMS provides a direct mechanism enabling AI to mine through high-quality data to make meaningful insights.

  • Integrate data from your lab instruments to reduce manual data entry, prevent human error and reallocate time to chemistry itself
  • Integrate data from other software programs into Labsols Informatics so your lab teams have all the information they need in one place
  • Get an integrated view of all your lab data, within your customized test methods and processes
  • Access related lab data with sophisticated search of historical project work
  • Visualize and analyze current and historical lab data together with integrated test data visualization

Leveraging Advanced Analytics, Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for your Lab