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Labsols Cloud-Hosted LIMS Solutions

Labsols LIMS is compatible with various Cloud platforms, such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, etc. This offers benefits like pay-as-you-go pricing, no upfront hardware costs, swift setup, flexibility, built-in security and disaster recovery, global accessibility, on-demand availability, and easy server management. Opt for Labsols Managed Services to reduce internal IT investment and adapt effortlessly to evolving needs. Compared to traditional IT systems, Labsols Cloud-hosted implementation expedites project delivery without the delays associated with hardware and software procurement.

  • Labsols offers a top-tier lab informatics platform that can be implemented in the cloud, providing various deployment options tailored to your specific requirements.
  • Hosted in the cloud for efficient management of extensive data, Labsols LIMS ensures accessibility from anywhere at any time. With reliability, security, and scalability, it facilitates regulatory compliance. This system empowers the laboratory to conduct various activities, swiftly manage information, and enables immediate access from any location, including through mobile devices.
  • Leveraging Labsols LIMS in the cloud allows for the efficient management of samples and related data, including details like sample source and storage information. This automation of lab workflows contributes to the streamlined operations of the laboratory.
  • Hosted on a highly secure cloud server, it imposes no footprint on the end-user's IT infrastructure. Additionally, it allows you to fulfill essential requirements, generate audit reports, and send notifications or emails for lab activities.