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Labsols Food LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) plays a crucial role in ensuring quality in food production, quality control , and safety by providing an organized and efficient platform for managing and monitoring various aspects of the food testing in production process. It helps manage workflows in the food testing laboratories , ensuring that tasks are organized, and processes are followed systematically.

Salient Features

Comprehensive web-based testing solution for FOOD Lab

Handles variety of food sample types – Routine, New product development, Raw Materials, Environmental, etc

Complete Sample Management – End-to-end sampling process in single or multiple batches including sample scheduling.

Prints Barcode labels - It will ease tracking of food samples and reduces time required to enter test results.

Environmental Monitoring - Can generate result report in a Map for environmental swab samples, to minimize the risk of environmental or personnel contamination.

Fully Compliance - End-to-end management of ingredient and finished product quality – all within global regulatory requirements such as HACCP, FDA, and GxP.

Inventory & Invoicing - Manage lab consumables and instruments with calibration reminder. Billing & Invoicing against completed jobs/orders.

Audit Trail - Allows lab analyst to track down problems that can arise whenever food testing data is modified intentionally, maliciously or in error.

Comes with Powerful Analytics, Mobile Apps & Business Intelligence

Lab Mobile App created to fit various lab categories with options of sample tracking, instant alerts and push notification, download reports, KPI dashboard and more.

Labsols BI leverages data-intelligence technologies to increase operational efficiency of food testing lab. LBI helps integrate data from various sources within the food testing lab, including testing equipment, LIMS, and other relevant databases.  It allows for real-time monitoring of laboratory performance metrics. This includes tracking testing volumes, turnaround times, resource utilization, and other key performance indicators (KPIs). For Food labs that are ready to access cloud-based capabilities, Labsols BI uses advances of AI/ML and analytics capabilities to enable optimization through lab-wide asset monitoring and business intelligence.  Ultimately, Labsols BI helps you realize all the benefits of a smart, connected lab.

Labsols LIMS enhances traceability in food safety efforts at food labsoratories

Labsols Food LIMS plays a crucial role in enhancing traceability and ensuring food safety in a food laboratory. Here's how:

  • Organized Database: Labsols LIMS efficiently organizes and manages large volumes of data generated through food testing process, ensuring easy retrieval and accessibility.
  • Easy Sample Identification: Labsols LIMS can uniquely identify each sample and generate labels and barcodes, enabling accurate tracking of samples throughout the testing process.
  • Advanced Data Collection: Labsols LIMS have integration competency with various instruments and analyzers for the collection of data, reducing the risk of errors associated with manual data entry.
  • Barcode Integration: Labsols LIMS enhances traceability with barcode capability by accurately tracking and managing every sample that passes through the system, regardless of the sequence.
  • Quality Assurance: Labsols LIMS manages and control the quality assurance process, ensuring that analytical data is organized, stored, and easily converted into valuable information.

By performing above actions, Labsols LIMS significantly contributes to the overall traceability efforts and ensures the safety and quality of food products in a food testing laboratory.

Industry Insights and Labsols Lab Integrated Platform

Ensuring food safety is a worldwide concern. Analytical testing of food and beverages is important to ensure food safety, prevent food fraud, and assure the quality of food products. It is critical for the food and beverage industries to maintain quality standards and safety guidelines. These standards continue to grow stricter, while cost efficiency is expected to be maintained or improved. So, the need for tracking, traceability and quality control to strict guidelines and regulations, is greater than ever too. That's where Labsols, with our integrated food LIMS platform, can help you.

Food testing laboratories perform several tests on food, supplements, beverages, produce, packaged food, feed, and more. Accurate and reliable reporting of test results is important to ensure consumer safety. Food labs faces pressures to control costs, and the challenge of maintaining quality throughout stages of food production. Labsols LIMS understands the impact these issues on them and offers the Food LIMS as a solution to in the lab testing process and discovery of products, while complying with industry and regulations.

Labsols Integrated Food LIMS platform specialize in revolutionizing food testing labs, ensuring HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) compliance, and enhancing GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards through our state-of-the-art Food LIMS. This ensures traceability and safety while helping to control and manage costs. It is designed for use by both internal laboratories and contract labs.


Labsols Food LIMS plays a crucial role in enhancing traceability and ensuring food safety in a food laboratory. Here's how:

  • LIMS Integration with Accounting Systems (Sage/Xero/QuickBooks, etc)
  • LIMS Integration with Devices & Instruments (Via Folder/API, etc)
  • LIMS Integration with Document Management System (MFiles, etc)
  • LIMS Integration with Barcode for Labelling
  • LIMS Integration with CRM and Support Systems
  • LIMS Integration with Third Party Systems
  • Migration of Existing Data - various types
  • Lab BI (Business Intelligence) Tool with AI & ML
  • Lab Customer Portal - For lab's external customers
  • Lab Customer Mobile Apps - Get information on the move