Fuel the Future: Labsols BQS Solution for Maritime Mastery

Few of the top ten companies in the world provide Bunker fuel quantity survey inspection (BQS) around the globe. It is a big and elaborate process in the field of testing and inspection domain. In this process, bunker fuel survey professionals provide professional quantity inspection services for clients on a global basis.

Experienced bunker fuel surveyors offer impartial, independent quantity measurement inspection services for marine fuels, issuing detailed bunker survey reports to confirm fuel delivery and report bunker fuel shortages. Bunker fuel oil quantity survey supports the world's shipping industry, helping reduce the risk of engine problems and failures. Bunker fuel inspection and testing services help ensure the fuel quality and quantity.

Effective fuel management starts with the correct quantity and quality of fuel being delivered to the vessel. BQS involves the surveyor taking measurements on board the barge or at the shore tank, and on board the receiving vessel, before and after delivery takes place. The surveyor’s measurements are used to determine the quantity of fuel delivered. The surveyor will also check for any evidence of entrained air (the ‘cappuccino effect’).

LabSols have successfully developed and delivered BQS solutions to one of the top testing company of the world where our bunker fuel quantity and quality reports help clients support fuel shortage claims and quality disputes. LabSols BQS solution’s expertise and integrity will greatly assist you in obtaining the right quantity of fuel and avoid shortages and claims..


  • Built BQS web application for tracking the oil samples collected from engines of big vessels.
  • Features include - Sample Registration, Inspection, Sample Points, Sampling Methods, Sample Results, Generate Reports, Review & Approval, Invoicing, Graphical analysis.
  • Also include other useful modules like Nomination Survey, Notification framework, Review Process, Manage & Track Orders etc.
  • BQS Mobile application is available in Android and iOS.
  • Company that provide bunkering services
  • Sample collectors
  • Shipping companies
  • Fuel retailers and refiners