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Explore the Excellence of Our AC LIMS, where Advanced Features and Timely Support are Paramount.

Our test laboratory aligns seamlessly with industry requirements, and our Advanced AC Testing LIMS is at the forefront of technological innovation. From Sample Registration to Work Order creation, Test assignment to Auto-scheduling, Result uploads to Multiple approvals, Document library, and Performance reports – our LIMS covers the entire spectrum.

In addition to the robust AC LIMS, we offer an advanced customer portal, a user-friendly mobile app compatible with Android and iOS devices, and integration capabilities with instruments. This comprehensive suite provides a holistic laboratory solution, ensuring efficiency and excellence at every step.

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Industry Overview

Air conditioning testing and research labs grapple with various challenges in their daily operations. Boosting compliance and effectiveness in this market has become more challenging than ever.

The evolving landscape of quality requirements adds complexity for today's air conditioning labs. From meeting accrediting bodies to satisfying regulatory agencies and auditors, the expectations are numerous.

As technology advances, the very science of measurement becomes more demanding. Basic measurements are no longer enough; air conditioning customers now seek Statistical Process Control, easy report access, simplified test requests, minimal human interference, and in-depth parametric data analysis.

The Challenges –
  • Balancing Expectations for Viability and Profitability: Juggling diverse expectations from clients, management, administration, technicians, quality, and engineering to maintain viability and profitability.
  • Process Alignment Across Varied Disciplines: Addressing the needs of clients, management, technicians, and various departments by aligning processes across diverse disciplines within the lab.
  • Effective Data Collection and Storage: Choosing suitable methods to collect and store air conditioning testing data for historical parametric analysis.
  • Practical Management of Multidisciplinary Data: Developing practical and profitable approaches to analyze and manage data from psychometric labs, noise labs, rain test chambers, vibration labs, etc.
  • Automation to Reduce Errors: Implementing automation to streamline routine testing, eliminate errors associated with traditional paper-based and semi-automated tasks.
  • Maximizing Lab Performance: Strategizing ways to maximize overall lab performance and resource utilization.
  • Smart Resource Utilization: Ensuring smart and efficient utilization of resources to prevent downtime and idle capacity.
  • Meeting Corporate Productivity Demands: Preparing for and addressing corporate demands for increased productivity and higher profits.
  • Identifying Solutions for Higher Quality and Productivity: Illustrating how one air conditioning testing laboratory successfully identified and solved these challenging issues, providing insights for higher quality and increased productivity.
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Solutions Unveiled:Revolutionizing Air Conditioning Testing with Labsols AC LIMS

In response to the intricate challenges faced by the air conditioning testing industry, Labsols has introduced a groundbreaking solution – "AC LIMS." This cutting-edge software is accompanied by an intelligent air conditioning testing management add-on for customer-facing portals, and a mobile version extension.

The AC LIMS suite brings forth a transformative approach, automating all traditional paper-based, manual, and semi-automated tasks inherent in routine air conditioning testing. It seamlessly manages maintenance workflows for both simple and complex instruments, providing a comprehensive solution for enhanced efficiency and precision.