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Reporting and Analytics Dashboards

Labsols LIMS Reporting and Analytics Dashboard provide critical and important summary report and facts. The Dashboards helps to visually ascertain the status and health of a laboratory enterprise by providing graphical representation of tested samples monthly, representation of quality control of tested sample using frequency histogram, probability chart and Seamless embedded on demand reporting & data visualization tool


Labsols LIMS is powered by Quinn Curtis which provides control and trend chart for displaying minute Statistical Report, Sample analysis data, Historic data for trend analysis


Labsols LIMS makes easier with the problem of handling huge data regarding the testing and inspection. The different kinds of report generated by the Reporting and Analytical solutions are:

Ad-hoc Query Tool

Labsols LIMS Reporting and Analytics provides Ad-hoc Query Tool which enables end-users to construct and execute complex queries against the database, with no technical skills, database administration experience, or knowledge of SQL required. Ad hoc query tool allows user to drag and drop the field and by this a customized report can be generated

Advanced Analytics

Labsols LIMS Reporting and Analytics provide various important features which are proved to be useful in oil testing industry

  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) algorithm applied on test data gives a clear picture about the quality of the sample.
  • Clients/lab coordinator need not to worry about the test result and does not need to check it manually or resend it again to the lab in case there is any deviation in the test result
  • Dashboards and graphs or charts that summarize the report and visually represent critical performance and efficiency measures
  • Reporting and Analytics offers annotation. A unique feature in which if a person changes any data, the report will generate a log file to show who and when changed the data.
Operational Intelligence

Labsols LIMS Reporting and Analytics keeps track all the test and analysis conducted on each samples and tightly integrates all the steps and all the process of the solution. Some key features are: