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Lims Introduction & Features

Information is lab’s greatest property. Put it to work with a powerful customized LIMS that guarantees data integrity and growth for lab excellence by automating laboratory workflow. Powered by the latest technologies, Labsols provides real-time access to your lab data anywhere and anytime. As your industry evolves, your lab is tasked with managing larger volumes of data and stricter regulations, as well as experiencing increased pressures for higher quality and greater efficiencies.

Labsols offers a full range of LIMS products and services to a variety of markets. Whether you are seeking an enterprise software application to accelerate your research operations or you are a fledgling organization in need of your first information management system, we can deliver a customized LIMS to fit your unique needs and budget.

Labsols LIMS not only handles the "nuts and bolts" functionality to satisfy your compliance requirements, but also adds powerful reporting, advance analytics, plotting and viewing tools not found in any other LIMS system.

labsols LIMS Version 2.1 :: A perfect Customized solution for Various lab

It was specifically designed as a practical solution to meet the challenges and demands of QSP. It is the most comprehensive client/server solution available today. It was purposely created utilizing an open architecture and industry standard tools.

It captures the complete business process of a calibration lab. It is created by discussing calibration laboratory professionals who understand the ins and outs of how an actual lab operates.

It streamlines the laboratory into all processes: receiving, sales order, lab, quality assurance, management KPI, documenting, shipping and billing, all completely traceable and trackable. It monitors jobs every step of the way, recording and logging to meet the laboratory requirements necessary for certification.

It comes with intelligent add-on of customer facing portal and mobile version extension.

Most Modern LIMS. Wide variety of deployment options to meet the needs of any lab.

The high configurability and scalability of the system and the real experience with laboratories of different sizes, make Labsols LIMS suitable for both laboratories with few users and with hundreds of users. Depending on the size and needs of the company, different proposal are available.

It can be used “in-house” by purchasing of license to use (on-premise) or SaaS (Software as a Service), in cloud computing platforms. In both cases, we are able to provide the optimal solution for your organization. As the lab needs change, you can add new users, upgrade to a more complete version, or decide to switch from On-Premise to Cloud mode or conversely. We are able to offer a variety of deployment options unique to the market.

  • Now available both on WEB & DESKTOP version.
  • Local server or web based deployment as preferred.
  • Scalable from single user to global implementations.
  • Accessible from multiple locations. Anywhere. Anytime.
  • Dual desktop and web browser interfaces provide maximum flexibility.
  • 100% Cloud. Available natively for use as a service (SAAS) on platforms in Cloud Computing.
  • Can be integrated with an organization's existing IT environment.
  • Can store as much documents in a cloud environment as well as share data when needed.
  • Highly secure with all data managed over server (cloud) and provides simultaneous access for all users
  • Benefits of cloud including data storage, security, cost saving for installation and IT infrastructure, etc