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Customer Portal Benefits

Solutions to key Pains

Customer Portal for Lab Customers which can help overcoming the following challenges. Now your customers can get your lab service on their own, 24 hours a day.

Challenges for Lab “business”

  • Difficult to track lab service performance and forecast to next business planning.
  • Difficult to automate lab and decision processes to reduce costs and streamline operations.
  • Difficult to control increasing operating cost to cover for the same on various departments.
  • Difficult to expand lab services and reach more customers.

Challenges for Lab “customers”

  • Difficult to manage increasing customer jobs (lab service for testing) at a time
  • Difficult to manage increasing customer issues, complaints and requests running manually
  • Difficult to maintain quick and effective delivery to clients
  • Difficult to keep customer satisfaction on top of increasing customer orders/jobs

Challenges for Lab “operational process

  • Difficult to minimize the long time consumption on manual search and record collection for samples and other elements
  • Difficult to improve performance in terms of sample turnaround and the quality of reported data
  • Difficult to remove errors during manual calculation processing, eliminating costly retesting
  • Difficult to deliver fast and on-demand specific reports from customer against job