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Environmental companies and laboratories need to perform sampling and analyses on site, but often do not have the appropriate tools linked to their own internal information system. Both field and analytical data are often recorded manually, meaning time is wasted and a high possibility of error. Also, each sector of the laboratory often manages its information independently, which can cause problems with the traceability of data and the quality management system.

Labsols Environmental LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) streamlines laboratory workflows, helping to expedite processes. This efficiency is particularly important in environmental labs where timely analysis and reporting are essential. It helps manage workflows in the Environmental testing laboratories, ensuring that tasks are organized, and processes are followed systematically.

It delivered significant time and cost savings for our clients by automating processes, improving data accuracy, optimizing resource utilization, and promoting overall operational efficiency. The system's ability to adapt to increasing workloads and evolving data management needs further contributes to long-term cost-effectiveness.


Comprehensive web-based testing solution for Environmental Lab
  • Access Anywhere: Access data on the move with mobile apps, improving flexibility and efficiency
  • Instant Updates: Get timely updates and alerts for better response time and decision-making
  • Visual Insights: Business intelligence tools offer visual insights for thorough data analysis.
  • Streamlined Processes: Mobile apps and business intelligence boost efficiency by simplifying processes
  • Informed Decision-Making:Access live data and analytics for well-informed environmental management decisions..
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy-to-use interfaces in mobile apps and business intelligence tools for simple navigation.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensure compliance with accurate and timely information from these tools.
  • Remote Monitoring: Monitor environmental data remotely to Improve how resources are managed and controlled.
Labsols LIMS ensures traceability and accountability through action auditing, simplifying regulatory reporting.

By performing above actions, Labsols LIMS ensures the reliability, quality, and compliance of environmental testing processes. It provides a comprehensive record of the entire testing lifecycle, offering transparency and accountability in laboratory operations.

  • Improved Efficiency: Simplify processes, cut errors, and save time on administrative tasks to boost overall efficiency.
  • Enhanced Data Integrity: Establish strong data management to prevent loss, errors, or unauthorized changes.
  • Accurate Sample Tracking: Ensure proper labeling, tracking, and storage, minimizing the risk of mix-ups.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Avoid costly compliance issues and audits in the future.
  • Better Resource Management: Optimize resource allocation, prevent bottlenecks, and make informed decisions.
  • Faster Turnaround Times: Reduce processing times, handle increased volumes efficiently, and meet customer expectations.
  • Data Analysis and Reporting: Utilize charts and graphs for data-driven decisions, trend analysis, and comprehensive reporting
  • Scalability and Future Growth: Plan for growth by handling more samples and adapting to evolving lab needs.
  • EMI Payment Option: if you go for a full purchase where you can pay the total project cost in 3 (three) easy monthly installments if that helps you in your pocket. This is because we want you to get onboarded with LIMS without any budget concern
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  • LIMS Integration with Accounting Systems (Sage/Xero/QuickBooks, etc)
  • LIMS Integration with Devices & Instruments (Via Folder/API, etc)
  • LIMS Integration with Document Management System (MFiles, etc)
  • LIMS Integration with Barcode for Labelling
  • LIMS Integration with CRM and Support Systems
  • LIMS Integration with Third Party Systems
  • Migration of Existing Data - various types
  • Lab BI (Business Intelligence) Tool with AI & ML
  • Lab Customer Portal - For lab's external customers
  • Lab Customer Mobile Apps - Get information on the move