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As laboratories grow and evolve, needs change regarding the management of data. A Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS software) manages data, allowing users a real time look at what’s happening to ensure a laboratory’s efficiency and effectiveness is maximized. A LIMS software is used to manage the collection, processing, storage, retrieval and analysis of information generated in laboratories. It also supports collaboration across a laboratory and helps to ensure the quality, regulatory compliance and safety of products in development.


With a Laboratory Information Management System - LIMS software - laboratories can automate workflows, minimize manual tasks and reduce the risk of data collection and transcription errors. And, most important, for organizations in highly-regulated industries, it can enhance compliance and quality while making your laboratory more efficient and effective. Labsols is an ideal LIMS for progressive organizations looking to better connect to organization-wide data to greatly impact productivity. It can integrate with a variety of organizational systems to most efficiently collect and manage laboratory data.


Labsols LIMS is a comprehensive solution suite which has the LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) as the centerpiece. Coupled with add-ons plug-in tools (i.e. Customer Portal, CRM, Mobile capabilities (access your lab on smartphones or tablets from virtually anywhere) and Advanced BI Analytics (see and understand your data), Labsols LIMS is an integrated solution that helps you move from managing data in silos to delivering integrated, meaningful, and intelligent information that supports lab workflow and business value.


The implementation of a LIMS can support organizations to:


Safeguarding data, faster product release, and improved compliance with the implementation of a LIMS can benefit the entire company, but certain stakeholders can derive specific benefits:

What are some things to consider when looking into getting a LIMS?

When looking for a LIMS system, there are a few very important things to consider. One of the most crucial factors is continued support and service. The truth is that there will be several LIMS that meet your needs, Labsols being one of them. However, because it is likely that you will have your LIMS for 10+ years it is important to choose the right partner that will not only help you have a successful implementation but one that will work hard to achieve and maintain your satisfaction in the long-term. A key part of your long-term satisfaction is related to support but it will also includes product innovation and improvements. Therefore, it is important to choose a vendor that is not only committed to customer support and satisfaction but also product innovation that is aligned with industry trends and best practices. It is also important to look for LIMS vendors and solutions that provide a simple and intuitive user experience, have flexibility to be easily configured to meet your needs, provide easy upgrades, and can ensure a straightforward and successful installation. While a LIMS must meet your needs it is especially important to choose a vendor with robust reporting and analytical tools. Sometimes a LIMS vendor is only as good as the resources they assign to your project so make sure your implementation and support teams are not only experienced but are experts in your industry. Other factors to look for in a Laboratory Information Management System include:


For more than 15 years in the LIMS business, Labsols LIMS has been deployed in top companies in the life sciences, pharma & biotech, chemical & refining, food & beverage, manufacturing, environmental, public health and forensics sectors, with industry specific workflows. Strong references and global implementations.

What is the implementation process for a LIMS?

How do you successfully implement LIMS software?

The best chance of successfully implementing LIMS software is working with a reputable vendor. It would be best if you found a vendor that also offers continued success and a custom approach to your LIMS system. Labsols is a trusted LIMS provider that focuses on your satisfaction and success. Our extensive customer base has resulted in 100% customer retention and a 98% Net Promoter Score. This Net Promoter Score is a customer satisfaction metric based on recommendations. You can start the vetting process by narrowing down your choices based on the Net Promoter Score and client reviews.

How much does it cost to implement a LIMS?

How long does it take to implement a LIMS?

How can I get started implementing a LIMS?

Can you integrate a LIMS with other systems and instruments?

Yes! Leading LIMS vendors will have tools that integrate with both other systems as well as lab instruments. LABSOLS for example, has interfaces that allow you to easily connect to your lab instruments. LABSOLS also provides hundreds of services that allow integration with corporate systems such as ERP, Barcode, Accounts, CRM, DMS, etc.

How can LIMS help me achieve industry compliance?

A LIMS by nature will help you accomplish your audits or achieve regulatory compliance and certification in an easy and timely manner through consistent processes and accurate data. Additionally, leading LIMS solutions, like LABSOLS, provide specific modules or functionality that will further achieve compliance such as instrument management, personnel management, inventory management, audit trail, corrective action/preventative action, method management, regulatory reports, and more.

Module : Testing

Test can be allotted as per requirement, built in test reports with subset of those reports can be used and customized with values pertaining to pathology standards. Workflows can be created along with Workbooks. Testing data can be evaluated with proper reports.