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Lims Introduction & Features

LIMS is now on CLOUD. Realize the power of reporting in cloud computing TODAY

LIMS CLOUD is powered by Microsoft Cloud Computing. VET-LAB LIMS is now in Windows Azure Platform which gives customers and the client opportunity to enjoy the maximum benefits of cloud including data storage, security, cost saving for installation and IT infrastructure etc.

Labsols “Vet-LIMS” offers an excellent laboratory management platform that meets the complex requirements of the modern veterinary laboratories that allow your business to be more competitive, bring products to market faster, achieve operational efficiencies and meet your regulatory commitments more easily.

Labsol “VET-LIMS” is a totally web based and highly configurable and flexible solution for these industry testing laboratories. Labsol LIMS takes care of Total Business Process & Workflow Automation activities of the veterinary and poultry labs. The solution handles laboratories, functions and procedures.

Now explore LIMS CLOUD and start monitoring and reporting your test samples with Labsols LIMS. Labsols Veterinary-LIMS is dedicated to simplifying the testing, reporting and analytics. It is highly secure with all data managed over server (cloud) and provides simultaneous access for all users.

LIMS application is hosted in cloud platform that will enable users to get the maximum benefits of the cloud based solution.

Following are some of the advantages:

  • The application can be integrated with an organization's existing IT environment
  • Organizations can store as much documents in a cloud based system as well as share data when needed
  • Users of the application can access the solution anywhere
  • It will also eliminate the need for extra IT personnel, which will result in time savings as well as cost savings by almost 60%.