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PHARMACEUTICAL & Biotechnology

Industry Glimpse

The pharmaceutical industry is a distinctive and dynamic space, presenting formidable challenges for entities ranging from major pharmaceutical corporations to biotech innovators and generic manufacturers. As these players traverse diverse laboratories, grapple with stringent regulatory requirements, and manage intricate lot processes and testing needs, the demand for advanced, user-friendly informatics solutions becomes paramount.

Within the specialized laboratories serving the pharmaceutical sector, an unwavering emphasis on meeting FDA regulations takes center stage. This includes not only regulatory compliance but also adeptly navigating GxP environments, ensuring rigorous validation status, establishing complete traceability, and meticulously managing precise sample identification and tracking. These priorities underscore a fundamental commitment to excellence, elevating them beyond mere goals to essential components for success and progress in the ever-evolving pharmaceutical landscape.

Navigating Challenges in Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Labs

The landscape for pharmaceutical and biotechnology laboratories is marked by a myriad of challenges, pushing the boundaries of compliance and effectiveness to unprecedented levels. With complex laboratory processes already in play, the medical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries find themselves grappling with formidable issues. It's widely acknowledged that these industries face regulatory scrutiny on par with, if not surpassing, that of the nuclear energy sector.

From combinatorial chemistry and screening to preclinical and clinical bio analysis, as well as analytical chemistry, manufacturing R&D, and production quality control (QC), each facet brings its own set of unique needs and workflows. The demand for specialized solutions is evident; laboratories in these industries require a tailored Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) with extensive customization to meet the evolving demands of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology research environment.

On the business front, pharmaceutical companies are in a phase of profound transformation. The era of blockbuster drugs with massive profits is waning, compelling companies to reassess and become more efficient. Streamlining operations, enhancing efficiency, and refocusing on core businesses are imperative. Discover how a customized LIMS can be the cornerstone of overcoming these challenges, fostering efficiency, and ensuring compliance in the intricate landscape of pharmaceutical and biotechnology labs.


Labsols Solutions

Labsols Tailored LIMS for Your Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Lab Needs

Discover Labsols, a specialized laboratory management platform meticulously crafted to address the intricate demands of modern pharmaceutical laboratories. We understand the unique challenges you face and offer a solution designed to make your business more competitive, accelerate product development, enhance operational efficiencies, and simplify regulatory compliance.

Our LIMS application is purpose-built to support the entire analytical business process and streamline lab workflows. From comprehensive sample tracking and user certification to full auditing and sample scheduling, Labsols LIMS is your all-encompassing solution. It handles testing with precision, incorporating test suites and methods, workbooks, quality control measures, test result printing, report generation, COA, invoicing, document management, KPI tracking, and a robust audit trail.

What sets Labsols apart is its total web-based architecture, providing a highly configurable and flexible solution for all types of industry testing laboratories. Whether you operate in research and development (R&D), testing, quality assurance (QA), contract labs, or manufacturing units, our solution accommodates various laboratory functions and procedures.

Experience the efficiency and adaptability of Labsols LIMS—your personalized and perfect solution for navigating the intricacies of pharmaceutical lab management.


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With Labsols LIMS - Track right from Raw Material To Finished Production

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Mobile App and BI

Empowering Your Lab on the Go: Labsols Mobile App and BI Integration
Stay connected and in control with Labsols' Mobile Application and Business Intelligence (BI) integration tailored for pharmaceutical and biotechnology laboratories. Our cutting-edge solutions bring the power of efficient lab management to your fingertips.

Mobile Application for Pharma and Biotech Labs

Labsols Mobile Application brings flexibility and efficiency to pharmaceutical and biotechnology labs. Access lab activities on-the-go, monitor sample statuses in real-time, and receive instant notifications for critical updates. Whether you're in the lab or away, stay connected and in control with our intuitive mobile solution.

BI Integration for Pharma and Biotech Labs

Labsols BI transforms data into actionable insights for pharmaceutical and biotechnology labs. Seamlessly integrating information from testing equipment, LIMS, and databases, it allows real-time monitoring of key performance metrics. Utilizing AI/ML and advanced analytics, Labsols BI enables optimized lab-wide asset monitoring and business intelligence, empowering labs to make informed decisions and achieve operational excellence.

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  • LIMS Integration with Accounting Systems (Sage/Xero/QuickBooks, etc)
  • LIMS Integration with Devices & Instruments (Via Folder/API, etc)
  • LIMS Integration with Document Management System (MFiles, etc)
  • LIMS Integration with Barcode for Labeling
  • LIMS Integration with CRM and Support Systems
  • LIMS Integration with Third Party Systems
  • Migration of Existing Data - various types
  • Lab BI (Business Intelligence) Tool with AI & ML
  • Lab Customer Portal - For lab's external customers
  • Lab Customer Mobile Apps - Get information on the move