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Mobile Lims Benefits

How will Labsols Mobile Apps INCREASE YOUR SALES? One platform, may advantages.
Business Benefits
Deliver the Operational Experience That Suits Your Customer and Your Lab
Regularly upgrading our Apps. Following new features coming soon!

Better Push Notification & Alerts

1. To Customer

2. To Lab Users

3. Third Party Alerts

Other New Features

1. Receive Sample – At docking Stations

  • Lab analyst can mark the samples as received through the tablet version which can be installed at a docking station.

2. Provision to enter results in tablets.

  • In highly secured labs where paper and pens are not allowed, user can enter the test results directly through the tablet. This will then be updated to LIMS system.

3. Provision for Customers to submit samples.

  • Customers can enter the sample details through mobile/tablet for the lab to receive.

4. Add Photos, Videos and Geographic Location.

  • During sample collection, user can add photos, videos and geographic locations as well.

5. View Certificates other Report PDFs in mobile.

  • Customers should be able to download and view Certificates and Reports in PDFs, DOCs etc.

6. Offline Connectivity.

  • Users can also use the system when in offline mode, which will then sync with main system when the application is online again next time.

1. Improved KPI Module

  • Few new KPIs to be part of the mobile dashboard screen. This can bring critical information to client/lab users.

2. Improved Search Functionality & Result Display

  • Improved search functionality to search with more parameters and enhanced result display.