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Labsols Mobile LIMS Benefits

Enhance Your Lab Experience with Mobile LIMS: Manage Customer, Increase Sales – One Platform Many Solutions
Business Benefits : Unlocking Business Value through Mobile Solutions
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Stay Ahead with Our App Features! Exciting upgrades are on the horizon for our mobile apps.Our features

Enhanced Push Notification & Alerts:

For Customers:

  • Receive notifications for samples received (Optional)
  • Receive notifications for samples received (Optional)
  • Mandatory notifications for sample test completion
  • Critical sample notifications (Mandatory)
  • Turnaround time notifications (Optional)

For Lab Users:

  • Due date alerts
  • Notifications for customer issue logs

Third-Party Alerts:

  • Notifications for sample collection from third parties

Keep an eye out for these updates, designed to provide you with a more informed and efficient experience!"

Unlock Enhanced Lab Capabilities with Our User-Friendly Feature Set