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Pricing & Editions

Labsols' Pricing & Edition

To get started, just choose the account version that suits your needs and budget. Your Labsols edition determines which features and functionality you can access. To find out more about your editions look below.

We are offering several bundles of its products and services, each geared toward a different set of business needs. These bundles, called editions, all share the same look and feel, but they vary by feature, functionality, and pricing. For example, a feature that is available in Professional Edition for an additional fee may be included in Enterprise Edition. You might choose to start with a more basic edition, then upgrade later as you grow your business.

Our pricing for corporate solutions and private cloud solutions are entirely bespoke, constructed to fit your organization’s specific requirements and budget. Similarly, our pricing structure is based around the specification we build for your business needs.

Current Editions

Are you feel hesitant to go for our LIMS or Lab Add-ons software until you can see real time functioning and benefits of the system with your process along with your real time data?

If yes, we will give you access for a month as trial with necessary changes as needed for you. This will free of cost. Once you are happy, you can go for it.

Do you have less or restricted or limited number of lab/customer users to use our our LIMS or Lab Add-ons software?

If yes, then we recommend to go affordable pay-per-user buy option particularly when you don’t have large number of user access needed. This will allow you to pay for the number of user needed.

Do you have a low/strict budget at this moment for our LIMS or Lab Add-ons software? OR are you thinking for a easy paying options to use the application(s)?

If yes, then you can use our full system at a very low monthly subscription. There is no user access restriction. Annual support will be free. You can cancel/renew subscription after an year.

Do you have multiple lab or departmental LIMS or Lab Add-ons software needs to buy with limited budget allocated?

If yes, then we have our various combo package offerings with exciting discounts and deals where you can avail multiple solutions at a bundle package resulting in huge savings fitting in your budget.

Did you found many of the preloaded modules in our LIMS or Lab Add-ons software are more than extra or not relevant for your lab needs?

If yes, then you don't have to worry. You can pick and pay for the modules that is required for you. We will remove them and customise the same without charging you extra. You have to pay for the chosen ones.

Do you have a tight budget at this moment for our LIMS or Lab Add-ons softwareand you thinking for a flexible paying options to buy the application(s) in full?

If yes, then we can provide you flexible easy monthly installment payment option if you wishes to go this route. Payment plans for 3 months, 6months, 9 months and 12 months available on terms.