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In a landscape where technological advancement is crucial, Labsols offers a mobile solution that emphasizes the intrinsic value of application software. Our LIMS Mobile application is strategically crafted to extend the benefits of LIMS to field workers, lab managers, coordinators, inspectors, clients, and key decision-makers. Now, they can seamlessly connect with the lab on the go, leveraging the power of the mobile version of LIMS.

How It Works? Streamlined Integration, Implementation, and Roll-out

Our mobile app effortlessly integrates with any LIMS database, supporting popular databases with dedicated web services and XML interactions. The integration process is collaborative, working closely with your IT team to ensure a smooth transition. Once the integration is defined, the mobile app can be efficiently rolled out within a matter of weeks, minimizing disruption and maximizing operational efficiency.

How it works? Easy Integration, implementation and roll-out

We can seamlessly integrate our mobile app with any LIMS database. Can work with any popular databases.

We have written web-services and XML to interact with the database. We will work with your IT team for smooth integration. Once the integration is defined, mobile app can be rolled out within couple of week’s time

System Requirements

  • Conference with key stakeholders
  • Documenting requirement analysis
  • Business Mapping
  • Analysis
  • Preparing Techno-functional documents

Transfer and Go-Live

  • Incorporating final changes
  • Preparing Implementation plan
  • Transfer to Application server
  • Implementation & Application Handover
  • Training

Beta Release for review

  • Planning
  • Customization and Tuning
  • Testing & Bug fixing
  • Beta release for client review
  • Client feedback

Configuration and Change analysis

  • Changes gathering
  • Analysis & Planning
  • Incorporating changes to prototype
  • Testing & Bug fixing
  • Preparing modified application

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

  • Transfer to Staging server
  • Client testing and feedback
  • Recording output
  • Recording process or output changes (if any)