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The global arena of animal healthcare and veterinary services is witnessing a significant transformation driven by the rising numbers of companion and production animals. This evolution speaks to the growing consciousness within society regarding responsible and compassionate animal care practices.

Irrespective of specific figures, the industry's trajectory highlights its fundamental role in ensuring the health and welfare of diverse animal populations across the globe. As this landscape undergoes further changes, the veterinary and animal healthcare sectors are adapting to address the dynamic challenges, thereby contributing to the well-being of animals and the communities The role of veterinary labs becomes pivotal here.

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Labsols Cutting-Edge LIMS for Veterinary & Poultry Laboratories


Comes with Powerful Analytics, Mobile Apps & Business Intelligence
  • In addressing the intricate challenges faced by veterinary laboratories, Labsols relies on the strength of its Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS). Our effective LIMS serves as a comprehensive data management system, adept at handling testing requests, managing data and records, ensuring audit preparedness, and facilitating compliance with evolving regulations.
  • Our LIMS stands out for its adaptability, allowing labs to tailor their data management system without disrupting existing workflows, systems, or personnel. With a flexible architecture and bespoke configurability, our LIMS seamlessly adjusts to changing business needs and evolving laboratory practices while maintaining functionality, workflows, and supporting data.
  • By integrating our LIMS with advanced Business Intelligence and a Mobile Application platform, we extend beyond conventional solutions, providing all-round service and support. The Business Intelligence capabilities empower labs with insightful analytics, fostering informed decision-making. Additionally, our mobile application enhances accessibility and efficiency, ensuring seamless operations and real-time connectivity.
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Add On


Labsols VET LIMS integration Capabilities and other add on tools

  • LIMS Integration with Accounting Systems (Sage/Xero/QuickBooks, etc)
  • LIMS Integration with Devices & Instruments (Via Folder/API, etc)
  • LIMS Integration with Document Management System (MFiles, etc)
  • LIMS Integration with Barcode for Labeling
  • LIMS Integration with CRM and Support Systems
  • LIMS Integration with Third Party Systems
  • Migration of Existing Data - various types
  • Lab BI (Business Intelligence) Tool with AI & ML
  • Lab Customer Portal - For lab's external customers
  • Lab Customer Mobile Apps - Get information on the move