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Complete Traceability of each phase of the veterinary testing process – sampling, reporting, and animal health.

Labsols Veterinary-LIMS offers customized and unique module for animal healthcare testing which helps to schedule and track pathological results for each sample.

Module : Sampling

Samples are registered systematically with unique case numbers, ensuring easy search, storage, and retrieval. Effortlessly track and manage samples, enabling swift review and approval with a detailed history log, leading to accelerated turnaround times. Enhance decision-making through graphical analysis, providing valuable insights for improved processes and outcomes.

Module Invoicing

Streamlined Financial Workflow The Labsols Invoicing Module optimizes financial processes with precision.

Labsols' Invoicing Module ensures a streamlined financial workflow, offering organized record-keeping, efficiency, and visual insights for enhanced decision-making.

Module : Inventory

Samples are registered as per case number, samples can be easily searched stored and retrieved. Sample can be reviewed and approved with history log and faster turnaround time. Graphical analysis of samples helps in better decision making.

Labsols' Inventory Module ensures optimized stock management with organized processes and visual insights for enhanced decision-making.

Admin Dashboard

Centralized Control for Efficient Management The Labsols Admin Dashboard is a centralized hub offering robust control and insights for seamless administration.

The Labsols Admin Dashboard is a powerful tool, centralizing control and data for efficient management, intuitive user administration, and informed decision-making.